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Trek Hardtail MTB Tune-Up

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

After a trip to Bike Park Wales last September the owner of this Trek X-Calibre hardtail ran out of talent on a red run and broke his wrist. While there wasn't too much damage to the bike when he came to ride it again the gears had seized, the brakes were decidedly dodgy and the whole thing needed a bit of love and attention.

After changing the inner and outer cables and a rather stretched chain, the shifting was back to how it should be. The headset had worked its way loose and the brake pads were nearly down to the backing plate.

Otherwise, despite throwing its owner over the bars in BPW the bike was in good shape. Derailleur hanger was aligned - so often the cause of poor shifting, wheels were true within tolerance and even the fork had a bit of bounce.

The cause of the poor shifting was found to be a rather corroded rear derailleur outer cable so replacing those, and the inners for good measure, sorted that problem.

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