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At various levels to suit your needs

All our servicing packages are an indication of what I can do.  
I appreciate everyone's needs are different and we'll agree what's required when I've had an opportunity to inspect the bike.
If any other work is discovered once work has started, I'll be in touch to confirm it's ok before incurring any costs and discuss options.


A tune-up or safety check

The basic service will ensure that a bike that’s already in reasonable shape will run smoothly and efficiently.  This is a basic tune-up and covers the following:

  • Gears and brakes checked and adjusted

  • All key bolts checked and torqued to manufacturers’ settings

  • General clean and lube of visible parts

  • Check for play in headset, hubs and bottom bracket

  • Wheels checked for true

Please note that if significant issues are discovered whilst checking the above, a higher level service may be more appropriate.  I'll be in contact to discuss before incurring any additional costs.


Perfect for regular care

This builds on the basic service and is ideal as a regular scheduled check-up on well used bikes. It includes: 

  • Cables replaced (gear and brakes) 

  • Hydraulic brakes bled where fitted

  • Brake pads replaced where required (pads an additional charge)

  • Chain and cassette cleaned, replaced if required (additional charge)

  • Any play found in headset, hubs or bottom bracket removed

  • Wheels trued if required


Some proper Sanctuary TLC

If your bike really needs some attention then this might be the thing to get it back working to the best of its potential

  • Full strip-down to the bare frame

  • Check frame and fork alignment, derailleur hanger alignment

  • Chase and face threads on Bottom Bracket and cranks

  • Bearings on hubs and bottom bracket checked and regreased

  • Gear and brake cables replaced (inner and outer)

If additional parts or labour's required then I'll be in touch before work starts​


Whilst I'm very happy to perform a full service on any mountain bike, I don't have the facilities to fully service shocks or suspension forks.  As such, once the bike is disassembled, I'll courier these to my trusted partners for a full service and reassemble once received back.
Costs for full mountain bike servicing is therefore on an individual basis.

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