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Bike broke? We'll sort it

Whilst regular servicing should prevent most problems, there will always be breakages, accidents and other general maintenance required.
A list of the more common jobs is below. If it's not listed then work can still be carried out but will be done so on an hourly rate.

Repairs: Services


These are some of the most common jobs I get asked to help with.  As a rule I'll include any standard materials (cables, outers etc) but where there are various different levels and standards we'll agree on the replacements before starting.  Obviously if there's a specific component you want to use (green bar tape or ultra-lightweight latex tubes for example) then I can accommodate these for an additional cost and potentially longer timeframe.


Fit New Cables and Adjust - £15 per brake
Full Cable (inner and outer) and Pad Replacement (including bar tape where required) - £50
Replace Pads and adjust - £10 per brake
Hydraulic Brake bleed - £20 per brake


Replace Chain - £10 (excludes cost of chain)
Replace Cassette - £10 (excludes cost of new cassette)


Adjust / Reindex gears - £10 per gear
Replace Front / Rear Mechanism & cable - £20 (per derailleur and excludes new derailleur)
Replace Cable inner and outer, reindex and replace bar tape - £50 (includes both cables and replacement bar tape)


Adjust Headset - £5

Service Headset - £20


Replace inner tube - £15

Replace tyre - £15

Upgrade to tubeless tyres - £50 (excl. tyres but includes tape, valves and sealant)

Repairs: List
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